Torrec provides to it's customers production plants, which enables inexpensive wood-based raw material processing into a high-quality second-generation renewable biofuel. The company also offers updating existing pellet plants to biocoal production.

Biocoal production enables to our customers:

  • Sustainable and economically viable exploitation of by-products from forestry virtually unlimited market for the coal-fired power plants that replace fossil fuels with biofuels.
  • Processing by-products biocoal pellets that has significantly lower handling and transportation costs compared to white pellets1
    - Energy density is about 60% higher than the normal white pellet, so its production is profitable, even in remote areas.
    - Biocoal pellets can be transported in open wagons and storage does not require sealed silos, so the entire transport logistics is significantly simpler and cheaper.


Biocoal pellets enables to the end-user:

  • Cost-effective way to reduce significantly CO2 emissions by replacing up to 50 % of the coal with sustainable biofuel
  • Possibility to use a homogeneous renewable fuel, which:
    - has energy content close to coal
    - has low fuel logistics costs
    - can be used without additional investment

1) IEA,