Torrec develops and commercializes biocoal pellet production technology. Technology is based on the owner parties decades of know-how of biocoal productions most important steps; wood chip and sawdust handling, drying and thermal modification and pelletizing. The company has industrial-scale demonstration plant in Mikkeli, Finland, where the suitability of different wood-based raw materials for the process is tested.
Operating experience in the demonstration plant has proved that we have chosen correct technological solutions. We have created an effective and compact torrefaction reactor, which can be scaled up to over 100,000 t / a capacity. The concept includes raw material pre-treatment system, which improves significantly pelletizing process because the sand and other foreign material is removed effectively from raw material. Side stream from pre-treatment process is combusted in a boiler, which produces the heat energy required for the process.
The safety and environmental aspects are key-factors for us when developing new solutions. Our goal is to help our customers to take advantage of lower value wood biomass profitably and in a sustainable manner, by providing energy-efficient, safe and reliable production plants.