"Then the blacksmith, Ilmarinen, Sought a place to build a smithy, Sought a place to plant a bellows, On the borders of the Northland, On the Pohya-hills and meadows; Searched one day, and then a second; Ere the evening of the third day, Came a rock within his vision, Came a stone with rainbow-colors. There the blacksmith, Ilmarinen, Set at work to build his smithy, Built a fire and raised a chimney; On the next day laid his bellows, " 

- Extract from Kalevala, the Finnish National Epic


Biomass quality information is important

Torrec has accomplished torrefaction and pelletizing tests in company's pilot plant in Mikkeli during last months. With these test the technology's performance has been verified with different type of wood chips. So far over 50 tonnes of biocoal pellets has been produced.

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Contract secured by Torrec Oy on the construction of new bio-coal production plant

OOO Baltic Forest Company (OOO BFC), wood processing company from Kaliningrad, and Finnish company Torrec Oy have signed a contract on the construction of a new bio-coal production plant in the Kaliningrad region. 

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