Biomass quality information is important

Torrec has accomplished torrefaction and pelletizing tests in company's pilot plant in Mikkeli during last months. With these test the technology's performance has been verified with different type of wood chips. So far over 50 tonnes of biocoal pellets has been produced.

In November 2014 torrefaction and pelletizing tests were done for stem wood chips imported from Western Russia. In these tests wood chips moisture and foreign matter content was measured with novel online with X-ray method. Stem wood chips foreign matter concentration was measured 0.1 wt-%, consisting mainly of stones. Although the levels of foreign matter was small, it may cause a security risk, as well as additional operating and maintenance costs. Torrec's plant concept includes solutions for contaminant monitoring and separation to ensure low operating and maintenance costs, as well as the safe operation of the plant.

Report: Executive Summary_biocoal.pdf