Torrec Technology is based on over 20 years of experience in the thermal modification of sawn timber, “Thermowood” process, and torrefaction. The torrefaction reactor was tested in industrial scale reactor in Mikkeli. The torrefaction process with vertically installed reactor worked well. Based on the experience gained, a next generation reactor was designed with horizontal material flow, which allows us to pyrolyze a larger variety of different raw materials.

Torrec technology continuously operating horizontal multi-stage slow pyrolysis reactor is now used in a significant R&D project at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF), where theproperties of biochar and condensates from a large variety of raw materials and temperature ranges will be scientifically studied.

Torrec technology utilizes the total energy content of the infeed material into biochar, condensates of the pyrolysis and uncondensed parts as an energy source for the process, thus electricity is not needed for heating – only for material handling and gas circulation. Standard drying concepts from other industries are used for drying the infeed material, which makes the capital expenditure very economical.

General lay-out with standard drying and heat generation solutions

Torrec torrefaction reactor in Mikkeli

Process with full material utilization